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Networking with Others

Learning FROM and sharing WITH others...the key to GPCI membership! One of the greatest benefits of this program is the ability to network with other people who are in the same position as you. Learn from their experiences and feedback; and then share your own expertise and experiences as well. Within our membership, we have three different avenues to accomplish this: our Boarding Buzz Network, the guided round table discussions, and our private Facebook Group.

Learning from Experts

Keep current in the industry with our constantly-changing lineup of audio interviews of leading industry trendsetters, service providers, suppliers, etc. These interviews are archived and can be accessed by our members at any time. We are continually adding new interviews with interesting topics too, you won't want to miss them! Check out a few of our expert interviews guests on our sister site HERE.

We know you are busy...

We understand how busy your life is; some days you probably forget to eat! We've been there, done that, and know your time struggles. All of our programs are on-demand: You and your staff can participate live, or access recorded content at your convenience! Perfect for busy schedules!

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