Luxury Pet Rooms

Unleashing luxury for dogs and their ultra-wealthy owners!

Luxury Unleashed is all about showcasing your best friend’s unique and special personality through custom-designed luxury pet rooms. Pet Luxury Lifestyle Expert Shannon Heggem accentuates your companion’s charisma with unconventional and well-functioning pet-focused spaces,  simplifying life at the other end of the leash!

Our passion is to Unleash the Luxury for dogs and their ultra-wealthy owners by designing spaces to spoil and pamper, to have fun and interact. We offer a full spectrum of custom options to showcase your pet’s personality.  We then merge that with ease and functionality to simplify your daily life.  Our specialties:

  • Spaces to showcase the best friend’s personality by displaying over-the-top outfits or accessories, favorite toys, etc.
  • Comfort-centric resting areas, interior and exterior play spaces, user-friendly toy, food, and gear storage options.
  • We also off our Luxury Liaison Services to locate the newest in trendy canine couture, the latest in pampering products, or the best in food and treat selection.

The possibilities are truly endless… Contact us today to see how we can transform an area in your home to honor your four-legged friend.

It is important to note that discretion and privacy is our foremost concern for our high-profile clientele. 

Custom Luxury Pet Rooms from Luxury Unleashed