VIP Boarding Kennel Topics

The VIP Boarding Kennel Program topics are listed here according to six categories.
  • Each of the courses/presentations in the program offers benefits from all three levels of staff: owners, management, and staff members alike.
  • Two topics are presented each week for the six-month duration of the subscription.
  • Up to ten staff members may enroll in courses during the six-months.
  • 24-hour access to learning portal.
  • Metrics are built into the program to ensure learner comprehension.
  • Printable certificate upon program completion.
  • Grooming Topics also available. Click HERE. 


Facility focus: from generalized to specialized services for higher profits.

Considering adding grooming services? What you need to know.

Going green: renewable and non-toxic options for facility use

Is it time to rearrange? Workflow improvement suggestions.



Designing your facility to work FOR you.

Exit Baths: Using the right tools and equipment to take the pain out of exit grooming.

Inexpensive and quick kennel makeover ideas.

The components of true pet luxury suite, and implementing on a budget.

The how's and why's of self-drop-off and pick-up.



Taking the mystery out of record-keeping.

Introduction to apps in the boarding industry, and how to use them.

Hiring, firing, and the revolving employee door.

Essential professionalism to give your pet care business the edge.

The organizational magic of the Tickler File, and other organizing hacks.

Crisis management: for owners, management, and staff members.


Zoonotic diseases-concerns and precautions.

Establishing effective facility policies, and changing existing policies with ease.

Contracts: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Dealing with competition, big box and the small guys alike.

Implementing emergency plans for weather emergencies and natural disasters.




Reducing stress and burn-out before it's too late.

Becoming the dog instead of the hydrant: developing your assertiveness.

Goal-setting: how, when, and why.

Why you should be blogging, and how to get started.

What is your exit plan for retirement? Do you have one?



Sensational phone skills and techniques to handle all pet care requests.


Effectively managing the death of a pet during a facility stay.

Screening clients, saying no, membership fees, and doing business with likable people.

No, the customer is NOT always right, and other business myths.

Understanding the boarding kennel customer...a different perspective.

What to do when a pet gets lost from the facility: an action plan.



Adding luxury services: to be or not to be.

Creating new revenue streams with elderly pet services.

Small add-ons which can equal big increases in the profit margin.



Effective pricing: Targeting the 3 levels of service.


Holiday pricing, procedures, reservations, and profits

Planning fun facility events for extra $.

Retail and pet food: the pros and cons.



Embracing your brand: barking up the right tree.

Using Facebook and Instagram effectively.

Print marketing is NOT dead: and we will prove it.

Web site: is it time for a facelift?

Common marketing fails and how to fix them.



What you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Digital marketing: should you pay for Google Adwords and Facebook ads?

Press releases: how, when, and why.

Maintaining a HEALTHY online presence and managing trolls.

Inexpensive, fun, and unique marketing ideas.